Our Sustainability Activities:

Envoy Textiles Limited is the First Denim Industry in the World, have achieved USGBC certified LEED platinum category certification. We believed GERREN FACTORY concepts & Modern QULAITY MANGEMENT SYSTEM.

To minimize of CO2 emission & increase Environmental performance, Envoy Textiles limited always implementing of ISO 14001 Environmental policy, objective and target. Besides, we also engaged with different Carbon Footprint standard CPI2 & sustainable project like (PaCT) Partnership for Cleaner Production which also help us optimized our CO2 emission, reduce energy & water consumption and waste management.

Proper planning and great team effort helped us to achieved 1379 Tons of CO2e/year (GHG avoided), water saving 91,153 m3/year, Electricity savings 315,904 KWh/year, NG saving 470,521m3/year, CNG saving 3,022 m3/year, Diesel saving 127,903 litter/year etc. As implementation of Co-generation of hot water chiller & EGB from power generator exhaust heat (in addition) we have been saving approximated 2,323,152 m3/year of Natural Gas as well as reduced 42,436 tons of CO2 as well as saving operating cost.

Resource Consumption Analysis: Ref. PaCT project outcomes 2016.

Name of Resources Unit for resources Before Consumption After Consumption Unit for KPI
Water (Process) m3/year 1,102,699 1,099,516 liter/kg
Electricity kWh/year 41,980,886 39,665,340 kWh/kg
Gas m3/year 28,759,114 21,499,764 m3/kg
Diesel liter/year 563,041 440,726 liter/kg
Steam tons/year 107,941 104,241 kg/kg
Wastewater avoided m3/year 1,102,699 1,078,922 liter/kg
GHG avoided tons/year 65,585 52,312 Kg/kg
ISO 14001:2004 objective and target 2016 vs. achievement status for acknowledge
2016 EMS Target-01 : Reduce power consumption per yard of fabric production by 0.5% the year 2016 over 2015
Achievement : (Achieved) 5.51% reduced of production energy by replacing 1844 T8 Led lights and purchased 9 VFD has been installed.
2016 EMS Target-02 : Reuse 15% of ETP treated water for factory works.
Achievement : (Achieved) 17.087% ETP treated water reused for factory works.
2016 EMS Target-03 : Reuse 15% of finishing machine water related with production.
Achievement : (Achieved) 28.17% process recovering and reuse of water related with production.
2016 EMS Target-04 : ETP Treated Water complies with local law.
Achievement : (Achieved) 100% ETP water DoE report complies with local law.