In spite of conducting business operation, Envoy Textiles Limited has also taken initiatives to contribute to the society through various CSR program. Among them, few are:

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU) cum High Dependency Unit (HDU):

ETL has built a state of the art Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU) cum High Dependency Unit (HDU) at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, under National Institute of Burn & Plastic Surgery, generally known as ‘Burn Unit of Dhaka Medical’. This facility is first kind in Bangladesh and prior to this there was no ICU/HDU for pediatric burn patients both in Government and Private Hospitals.

After building this unit, ETL has also taken the responsibility of maintain it at their own responsibility. Which included full cleaning of the premises, laundry of the bed sheet/pillows, etc. and also the maintenance of electrical, mechanical and civil constructions.

This 16 bed facility is running with air-conditioners with central oxygen system and with state-of-the-art amenities.

Priority Appointment of Physically Challenged People:

ETL is an equal opportunity employer, but in spite of that, it has prioritized the appointment of physically challenged people. So far, it has appointed 9 physically challenged people and still counting. Among these, most of the appointments were given proactively by ETL, people were being called and job was given promptly. Moreover, ETL looks after these people with extra care and follow-up on regular basis.

Salaries for 5 Victims of other company:

ETL has taken the responsibility of the families of 5 deceased victims who died in major fire incidents at a Garment Factory (Tajreen Fashion). Not being directly linked with the company, ETL is continuously paying the last salary of 5 victims. The salary is being paid to the nominees of the victims through Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

Art Competition for Neighborhood Children:

Every Year, ETL conducts an Art Competition for the children around factory premises. The walls for painting and art props are provided by ETL and prizes are also given. ETL also preserves the artwork in their wall at least for a year.

Financial Aid to Special Patient:

ETL provides financial aids to special patients. The last case was the person with ‘Tree Man Disease’. Mr Bajandar was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital with a rare disease called ‘Tree Man Disease’. This is so far an untreatable disease and different international organizations are still trying to find a cure. ETL has provided a special monthly allowance to Mr Bajandar for one year to maintain his regular expenses.

Continuation of Salary after Separation:

Some employees got discharged from ETL due to their physical condition (loss of leg/hand, stroke, etc.) But being socially responsible, ETL is continuing their monthly salary r and also paying their medical expenses like a regular employee.

Ecological Contribution:

A bunch of rabbits were discharged at Bangabandhu Safari Park as a contribution to the nature. The rabbits were born and raised at Factory premises of ETL and were then transferred to Safari Park.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP):

ETL has a fully operational Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) at factory and it discharges only treated water to the nature. On the other hand, being environment friendly, it also re-uses most of the ETP water for other internal usage.

Contribution to ‘Rana Plaza’ disaster:

ETL extended financial support during the ‘Rana Plaza’ incident. A five storied building was collapsed and around one thousand people died on that incident.

Restoration of Holy Family Red Crescent Hospital:

One of the upcoming CSR Project of ETL is the restoration the front elevation of Holy Family Red Crescent Hospital, Dhaka. Initiatives are taken to bring back the original face of the hospital which was designed by the artist of that time through hand paint.

Helping Victims of Landslide

Envoy Group stands beside the victims of hills landslide in Bangladesh. Mr. Hamimur Rahman, General Manager – Human resource of Envoy Textiles Limited handed over a two lac cheque to Mr. Abdul Kayum, Assistant Editor - Prothom Alo at their office on 17 June 2017 . This money will spend through Prothom Alo Trust Fund for the victims.