Mr. Kutubuddin Ahmed, Chairman and founder of Envoy Group, is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). He set up Envoy Group in 1984 and has always been the pivotal force behind phenomenal success of the establishments. From a very unmentionable start, through continuous struggle, and commitment for quality, he has overcome a lot of obstacles to bring Envoy Group in its present position. Starting with only garment manufacturing unit in mid-eighties, today the group has emerged as one of the largest and thriving conglomerates in Bangladesh.

Having entrepreneurial talent and vast experience, Mr. Ahmed has succeeded to promote and administer industrial & business enterprises in manufacturing and exporting of readymade garments, textiles, information technology, airlines, freight forwarding, hospitality industry, trading (local and international), real estate development, consumer products to name just a few.

Mr. Ahmed, over the years has been accredited with numerous awards for his active contribution towards the development of the sports community of Bangladesh. He was awarded with "National Sports Award 2002" the highest recognition for contribution as a sports organizer in Bangladesh. He has also received other notable awards, which include international Olympic Committee (IOC) Trophy "Sports and Community" to name just a few.

Mr. Ahmed has undertaken various Social-Welfare initiatives for the downtrodden people and continues to operate a number of his own charitable (non profit) organizations in various parts of the country. He also works very closely with the local community and actively takes part in local charities, sports sponsorship, youth sports, drug awareness programs etc.

He successfully completed the tenure of respective positions:

  • President in Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), Dhaka
  • President in Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGMEA).
  • President of Bangladesh Mohammedan Sporting Club
  • President and General Secretary of Bangladesh Badminton Federation.
  • Secretary general at Bangladesh Olympic Association

He at present holds the dignitary positions of:

  • Member of Sports Environment Committee at Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)
  • Vice president at International Military Sports Council (CISM)
  • Member in the executive committee of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) of Bangladesh
  • Director at Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) Limited
  • Commercially Important Person (CIP) since 1991

Managing Director

Mr. Abdus Salam Murshedy, Managing Director of Envoy Group has an excellent business background and is highly reputed for his relentless endeavors and dynamism. He completed his graduation from University of Dhaka. Mr. Murshedy, a born leader with vision of poverty eradication, creation of new employment opportunity, convert the population problem in to human resource has started the company in 1984. In less than two decades, he has guided the organization to emerge as a business conglomerate in Bangladesh with 14 big Garments house, a Textile Industry having state-of-the art rope dying, Indigo Dyeing and Finishing unit and a washing plant, information technology, healthcare, bank, airlines, freight forwarding, trading (local and international), real estate development and create huge employment opportunity.

Since starting the career in the field of business, Mr. Murshedy is closely associated to the garment movement in Bangladesh. He has been playing a vital role in Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) for the last 25 years.

He is also one of the finest sports personalities in the country and active organizer. Holding the highest record of scoring 27 goals in a single season in National Football League of Bangladesh is still unbroken.

Besides the business Mr. Murshedy closely related with the physically Challenged Development Foundation (PDF), an organization dedicated to the welfare of disabled and underprivileged people. He also works for local charities, sports sponsorship, promoting and guiding to spread football all over the country and out the potentials players from grassroots level.

He successfully completed the tenure of respective positions :

  • President of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA)
  • Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) 2008 - 12
  • Director and Sports Secretary of Bangladesh Mohammedan Sporting Club

At present he holds reputed designations :

  • President of Exporter Association of Bangladesh (EAB)
  • Member of the Board of Trustees, Bangladesh University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT)
  • Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF)
  • Director Premier Bank Ltd.
  • Received National Sports Award from Bangladesh Govt. 2003
  • Commercially Important Person (CIP)